Frequently Asked Questions

What is JerusalemU?

Jerusalem U provides dynamic, film-based content and educational programs to organizations and synagogues who seek to increase Jewish knowledge and engagement with Israel among their constituents. We produce award-winning documentary films and create film-based curricula for use among teens, college students, young adults, and adults.


How long are the courses?

Each course is different. Our Israel Inside/Out course has 11 classes, Judaism 101 has 9 classes, Habits of Happiness has 7 classes and Cinema: The Jewish Lens has 8 classes. How long are the films? Our film lengths vary. Each class in our Israel Inside/Out course has one or two films ranging from 20-45 minutes, while the films in our Judaism 101, Habits of Happiness and Cinema: The Jewish Lens courses range from 25-45 minutes each.


What does each course include?

Each course includes films, additional resources, readings or journal activities and optional quizzes to test your knowledge.


Do we need to watch the films in a specific order?

You may watch the films in whichever order you prefer.


Can I watch a course with some friends?

Our individual online courses are sold for individual use only. But we do have mini-courses available that include a one-year license to show the films in a group setting and a comprehensive Moderator’s Guide that will provide you with engaging discussions, click here to view a list of our mini-coures available for licensing.


Once I pay for a course, for how long will I have access to the videos?

Each course is available for 8 months following activation. After 8 months, you can renew your subscription for a discounted fee.


Who teaches your courses?

Each course features a unique line-up of motivational speakers, educators, political insiders, and experts from leading institutions around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, Oxford and MIT. Individual instructor profiles are available on the course homepages.


What topics do your courses cover?

Jerusalem U course topics span a variety of subjects about Judaism, Israel, Cinema and Psychology. This includes Jewish history and thought, love and relationships, Kaballah and meaning, and happiness and self-fulfillment. Each course offers unique perspectives that are contemporary and have real-world relevance. In-depth information about course topics may be found on the course homepages.


What ages are the classes appropriate for?

Our individual online courses are designed to appeal to adult audiences of all ages. We hope you learn from them and enjoy yourself as much as we do!


Do your Israel courses have a political agenda?

Jerusalem U believes that Israel is a legitimate Jewish and democratic state and is the homeland of the Jewish people. We are committed to providing a nuanced, complex view of the history of the State of Israel and the Arab-Israeli and Palestinian-Israeli conflicts.


Who do I contact for more information?

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